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Equine Therapy

Equine coaching


The horse is a sensitive animal, psychically and emotionally. They flawlessly sense how we feel and present ourselves. The horse communicates through body language and reacts directly to our actions and they mirror our feelings, attitude and behaviour. They see and feel our behaviour much earlier than we think.


They respond to non-verbal communication and mirror how we behave, feel and relate to others. The behaviour of a horse is pure, honest and without prejudice. This makes the use of horses an excellent method to apply to difficult issues. The horse is your personal coach in this session!


What you can expect from a session with the horse is an honest and pure image of yourself, your qualities, pitfalls and behaviour.


Do you want in an effective way;

  • Set your boundaries

  • Knowing what impression you make on other people

  • Discover your qualities and learn to use them

  • Transforming pitfalls into positive qualities

  • Discover your role within your environment and be able to use it as effectively as possible

  • Become a strong communicator and use it in your daily life

  • Develop your communication skills and improve teamwork within your team / organization.

  • Become aware of the qualities and pitfalls in your team and convert these into team productivity and satisfaction


The horse is open for a dialogue and to discover the best version of yourself or your team

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