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One On One Session

Image by Max van den Oetelaar

You can contact me with your concerns, issues or just your curiosities about your personal development. We will work together to create the best version of yourself, boost your happiness and find ways for you to deal with situations in life we often face.


Such as;

  • Feeling down

  • Stress and burnout

  • Anxiety

  • Insecurities

  • Relationship problems


Keen to work on your personal growth and development?


My vision is that everyone has a passion, no matter in what form, for which he or she gets out of bed for in the morning.

This passion is not always conscious but, if you become aware of it, it can help solve certain problems and worries in your life allowing you to focus on what is important to you and see the opportunities and possibilities as they present themselves.
















If any of this speaks to you in anyway I would love to hear from you.

Feel free to contact me for an obligation free, relaxed and informal introduction meeting where we can have a cuppa and general discussion to see if I can be the right fit for you.

If my vision on coaching feels right. All good, then we can schedule an intake and talk about whatever it is you wish to achieve.


We will draw up an action plan and get started!

Give me a coo-ee just by clicking here

The best investment you can make is in yourself

In The Spotlight!

You don't have to go anywhere or lay down your work for a one or one session. Life on the farm can get busy enough and there is always something to do or to repair. I'll come with you on a bore or lick run and we'll chat while work still gets done! 

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