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Three Steps You Can Take In 24 Hours To Increase Your Happiness - Part 1

Step one!

In our journey to find happiness, we chase after different goals; a new car, a better job or more downtime. Yet, deep down, we know happiness can only be found within ourselves - Hmm, buying that new car sounds a bit easier now!

Well, finding happiness within yourself doesn't have to be that hard. I have three steps that you can do in 24 hours to increase your happiness. And this week, I'll give you your first step.

Practice Gratitude

To increase your happiness, it's essential to train your brain. But, don't worry, this is the lazy kind of training. So, your brain is wired to scan for dangerous things in life that might threaten your health or well-being. So, to counteract this behavior of your brain, you have to look for the positive things in life, scan for the things you are grateful for.

The art of worrying less and experiencing more contentment in life starts with step one, practicing gratitude.

Okay, I don't want to interfere with any of your evening rituals, I won't come into the bedroom, but I will ask you to do the following...

The moment you lie down in bed, please grab a notebook and write down three things that you are grateful for that day. Sounds simple, I know. And the results will blow you away.

When you start writing these three things down that you are grateful for, the following magical things happen;

  • During the day, you train your brain to look for positive things, even on a tough day.

  • You savour these joyous moments, which will get your happy hormones going for more than 24 hours(!)

  • When you do this at night before you go to bed, you end your day on a positive note, literally.

  • You will get up the following morning with an even greater attitude of gratitude.

I hope you will give it a go, and in the following article, I will discuss how you can proceed with this well-being journey right at the start of your day with step two!

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