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The Charity Page


Good that you're here!


On this page, you can see the charities I support with my company. Well, I support; it's more my clients that support them. From every client, workshop, or assignment, I donate one dollar to the charity of their choice.

When I graduated, I felt I was going to change the world. Maybe I haven't changed the world... yet, but I believe I can make a difference. I think everyone can make a difference in their own little world (If you like, you can read more about the contagiousness of the act of giving in my blog!).


That's why I started this Charity Page.

Unfortunately, I'm not as rich as Bill Gates, Oprah, or Leonardo Dicaprio. Unfortunately, for many reasons obviously, but the main reason is that I can't support charities as much as I would like.


I just have that urge to give back to the world in any way I can. I try to do it in everyday life by being kind and supportive to other people and decreasing my carbon footprint. The Charity Page is my way, as a business, to give back in addition to the coaching and workhops I provide!

The Charities



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