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Dynamics & Performance

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At Pure You Coaching we understand that each team is unique. Our Team Dynamics & Performance training sessions are crafted to address the specific needs of your team and ensuring a personalised and impactful growth experience.

When you're aiming to:

- Strengthen communication

- Improve collaboration and

- Enhance overall Team Dynamics & Performance

We've got you covered.

Our workshops draw inspiration from the world of Crisismanagement & Control, where focus, effective communication and dealing with stress & pressure are essential. We bring this expertise to the table, offering practical insights and strategies that can be applied to any working team out there. 

Our training sessions are off the beaten track. We believe in surprising the participants, engaging them through interactive activities, and delivering insights that go beyond the surface. Expect a dynamic learning environment that not only captivates but also leaves a lasting impact on your teammembers. 

Our Team Dynamics & Performance Training sessions will fit organisations who want a more harmonious and effective team. We have worked with teams at properties in Rural Outback Australia, Firefighters in Western Australia and corporate teams in the city!

We would love to share a testimonial we received after a Team Dynamics and Performance Training for KAHU


"For any operator out there who is looking to enlighten your team, to the dynamics of working together in tight workspaces under various pressures of our profession, then organise Lenny of 'Pure you Coaching' to visit and deliver her personalised workshop. It will certainly help grow awareness and safety within the entire team. Our aerial work industry is predominately flown singularly without a SIC or co-pilot along side to check and balance us. This opportunity allows everyday good and bad practices to become the normal. Our only checks and balance, are ourselves or getting by without significant incident or accident. Lenny's work shop will raise these issues and help develop and awareness to working with others but mostly working on yourself. We look forward to having Lenny back at the start of the next fire season, to help weave our team of individuals, back into the team environment."

Mark Law, CEO Kahu NZ


Ready to Elevate Your Team?

Contact us to discuss what we can do for you. 

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