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Embrace your strengths and rule your world!

Okay, I wanted to say rule THE world, like the entire world, but that’s somewhat ambitious. Nonetheless, I believe that by embracing your strengths, you can rule YOUR world, and that sounds like a pretty good start to me.

Hopefully, you have read my last motivational read about finding out what are your character strengths. If not, that’s okay; you can find them on my website

Try to invest time in embracing your strengths instead of dwelling on your shortcomings

Now, the key question is; why should we know and use our character strengths?

Certain things happen when you focus on things you like, which suit you and come naturally.

Including these in your life will make you feel more confident, happier and more satisfied at the end of the day! The most beautiful part of this concept, you are in total control of this. Try to invest time in embracing your strengths instead of dwelling on your shortcomings. Keep building on things you enjoy instead of focussing on your flaws.

When we practice utilising our strengths, it can help us through tough times. You can not always rely on your skills, tools, or possessions; life can cripple you in surprising ways.

For example, it can take your health or financial stability away. But it can never take your character strengths away. If your strengths are bravery, honesty, love of learning or humour, you can always fall back on them.

Being a happy, confident person with a peaceful state of mind will make you irresistible for your environment. It will create an aura of power around you. You are more aware of the positive aspects of yourself as a person instead of paying attention to your insecurities. And that, my friend, will make you invincible.

Please take back control, focus on your strengths, and rule your world!

If you want to discover your character strengths, click here to visit my article about the character strengths inculuding the link to the survey or visit and take the free survey straight away!

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