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What Has The Universe In Store For You?

...What if we rephrase that question.

What do you have in store for the universe?

Deciding to move to Australia was sort of a big thing. As a young girl, I always dreamt about being in a different country, riding horses out in the prairie (yeah, I watched many Western movies), and living a country lifestyle. For me, it was never something that I believed could actually happen. But dreaming won't hurt anyone, so that's what I kept doing.

At the age of seven, I started riding horses at a pony club, and many years later, I encountered western riding. This made me believe I can have a little taste of the lifestyle right here in the Netherlands. After getting a taste of western riding, I bought my Quarter horse Tc Bright Smoke, my western saddle, and started to really get into it. Having the whole shebang came with a discovery. I still didn't feel happy. Obviously, my horse made me happy, friends, family, dog, and house, but something was missing.

I met a woman at the new stables I went to, and we became very good friends. She's from Australia but was traveling the world with her husband for work. She had a more worldly mindset than I did. She opened my mind to the opportunities the world had to offer me, but you have to go for it, she said.

Long story short(er). I packed my bags to travel to Australia for a few months. I fell in love with the country and my partner. Is this faith? I don't know. Was it the decisions, opportunities, and the people I met in my life bring me to this point? Yes, I believe so. Was it easy? No, it was not.

Law of attraction

The law of attraction (the universe) can mean something different to everyone. But to me, it means trusting your own gut feeling and decision making when your goals and intentions are clear and pure.

Many clients ask me if I am a believer in the law of attraction, and I noticed I couldn't answer it. I didn't know if I believed in this untouchable phenomenon, and if I did, in what form?

The journey of researching, reading up on it, and talking to other people really started after I arrived in Australia. Throughout my life, I have always been a worrier about, well, almost everything. Moving to the other side of the world did not worry me as much as it maybe should've. Was that a good sign? I was more worried about not being that worried. Of course, throughout the journey, I had my moments, mental breakdowns, and thoughts about what I was doing with my life. Sometimes it crossed my mind that I was an ungrateful person with everything I had at home.

Experience life in Australia actually pointed out just how grateful I was. My urge to move to a country like Australia came from enjoying the little things, the desire to be close to nature and animals, and compared to my life in the Netherlands, the more natural lifestyle.

What made me end up where I am right now? The answer to that question is me. As is your life and your situation, the answer is you!

I believe in the energy within ourselves! Our power, personalities, attitude, and goals.

When you have a positive attitude, you'll see more solutions instead of problems. When you are focused on what you want, you will see more opportunities than risks.

It's human nature to think negatively and be aware of risks. But it doesn't make you feel very good.


Visualizing your goal (in the present perfect tense) will make you happier and change your attitude. Your brain doesn't know the difference between its thoughts and reality.

When we strongly visualize the life we want as we are already living it, we will scan things in our daily lives to help us get there. That is something we call selective perspective.

An important thing to mention is that you have to try to detach yourself from the outcome. If you want to be rich, don't visualize a million. Instead, envision what this million represents to you? Does it give you the feeling of freedom, the sense of abundance? What's the reason behind what you want?

A few of my clients struggle with being single and want to find the perfect partner. The same goes here. What does being in a relationship mean to you?

You Rock

The answer to the question, do you believe in the law of attraction? I'm not sure there is a need for an answer because you have to define the law of attraction, which will be different for everyone.

I believe in the strength, energy, and power in ourselves to become more receptive and aware of the opportunities around us that lead us to achieve our goals and make our dreams come true.

In saying that, life has and still keeps surprising me, so I'm very eager to keep exploring!

Everything you need to gain what you desire lies within you.

  • Have clear intentions and goals

  • Be grateful for what you already have

  • Visualize in the present perfect tense

  • Believe when you are focused on the things you want in life, you as a human being are awesomely wired to start scanning for the opportunities. There are plenty of opportunities for everyone out there.

  • The key is to be open to it. Believe in yourself and your gut feeling while making decisions when you see the opportunities arise.

With this article, I want to point out how you as a person rock and we can take control of our lives. Will it be easy? No way, José! But believing in yourself is a powerful thing!

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