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How Smart are You?

Which of the eight different intelligences will help make your life easier?

‘How’ in this context means ‘in what way’?

In what way are you smart?

This seems an odd question, but most people think being intelligent is about being smart with numbers. When you’re good at reading big books and answering the questions correctly on exams. But seriously, that is so 1990’s!

Your brain is deserving of looking at intelligence in a different way. Howard Gardner is a psychologist who came up with a different view on intelligence. He noticed that people can be smart in different ways. He distinguished eight different intelligences.

- Logical-mathematical

- Linguistic

- Spatial

- Musical

- Bodily-kinesthetic

- Intrapersonal

- Interpersonal

- Naturalistic

Having eight intelligences that we can score high on, definitely increase

d our chances of being smart in at least one way! – Just kidding, people are surprisingly s

mart in a variety of intelligences.

What I’ve learned over the last ten years coaching people, everyone is smart in their own way.

And we should be more aware of this! We owe it to ourselves to look at what we’re good at. But we even owe it more to our children. That we have the patience to focus on what they are naturally good at, have a feel for, what their interest is, or simply... what they enjoy doing. Then, it's our job as adults to try and implement this in their educational journey.

I discovered it’s all about knowing yourself and using your strengths and intelligences.

The benefits of looking at our brain and its way of thinking will make life so much easier. There will be things in life you have to do, which may not be something you enjoy doing or something you are naturally good at. But this doesn’t mean you have to do it the conventional way. When you know how your brain works best, you can use this knowledge to do things in a way that works best for you and your brain. Tuning into your brain’s preferences, I can tell you, it will help dealing with things in life easier

Before I moved to Australia, I worked really hard to be “smart” for 27 years. I’ve always been a slow learner and numbers would give me anxiety. But for my education I had to be book smart and be able to do a lot of statistics. I finally got that going…then I moved to Outback Australia and noticed that I needed way more hand-skills as well (working on properties). That really influenced my confidence, and I thought I was back to being “dumb” again but now in another country. I discovered it’s all about knowing yourself and using your strengths and intelligences.

Doing the Multiple Intelligences Development Assessment Scale (MIDAS) scan helps finding your own personal multiple intelligences profile!

For example, I score high on Naturalistic, Intrapersonal, Interpersonal and Linguistic. My scores on anything hand skilled based are quite low. This is okay, but it was my personal mission to improve these. But getting all technical doesn’t work for me. For me to get better at something I frankly sucked at, was to do it with someone together (interpersonal), build it with a purpose for me (intrapersonal) and I choose that the purpose had to be a book shelve (Linguistic) and a planter box (Naturalistic)…nailed it! – literally, I put nails it these projects myself!

Knowing yourself and becoming more conscious of your multiple intelligences can make you excel in areas you’re already good at. But using your multiple intelligences can also help getting through things easier and connecting more with your natural abilities and enjoyments.

If you want to discover YOUR Multiple Intelligence Profile, feel free to contact me. I’m a certified Midas Coach and have access to the MIDAS Scan and can discuss your profile with you!

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