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Pure You Coaching

Is a company where honesty, transparency and working without judgement is highly valued.


The strength of the way I work is that I coach goal orientated and together we search, discover and use your own strengths and qualities to become the best version of yourself.


This leads up to achieving your personal goals, whatever they may be.

The way we do it... that’s up to you!


Pure you coaching has a variety of coaching methods which means there will be something that works for you!  


More about me

I am pleased to introduce myself. I am from the Netherlands and I have studied applied psychology. During my study I discovered that I was challenged to think of creative ways to apply “textbook psychology” in a more practical way to better suit my clients. Finding all the creative ways that were out there, excited me to search for a unique way of coaching.


The first step was starting my own business. This made it possible for me to work in a way that ensures you, as a client, remain the focus.

In 2014 I turned one of my passions into my job. I got a degree in Equine therapy and started using horses in sessions, which made me even more curious about helping people in unconventional ways.

From there I went on the adventure of discovering how to use my passions (and the lessons they have taught me) to help other people find their happiness.


This enabled me to compose a portfolio of coaching methods that have achieved some amazing results. These include equine therapy, hiking, climbing or just a sit down conversation at the office or at your home enjoying a cup of tea or coffee.

I look forward to sharing more of my journey with you and how I found myself here, but more so, I would love to hear from you and your story.

Lenny Deeder

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Fit like a glove!


Have a look at Pure You Coaching's Charity Page! It will be useful for you to get coached by Pure You Coaching, and you will do good by your charity as well. Sounds like a Win-Win to me!

It is important to me that the sessions work for you. I offer several ways of coaching so there will be a coaching method that will suit your taste.

Have no idea yet? No worries! You can always get in touch with me and we can explore the options.


Equine Therapy

A session with a horse is a whole new experience. It's an adventure that teaches you more about yourself on a deeper level.

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One on one coaching is about you and what is going on in your life. Sometimes it is easier to talk to someone that has  more distance from everything. With the variety of coaching methods we can work out which way of coaching works best for you!

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Do you want to become more skilled in topics like communication, being mentally strong and knowing how to deal with people easier?

Check out the workshops!

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Currently based in the rural town of Tambo in Central Western Queensland

Online coaching

Don't feel like meeting up yet? Or maybe we are not in the same town, country, or continent? Contact me for an online coaching session. There are different options, and we will do what works best for you!