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Three Steps You Can Take In 24 Hours To Increase Your Happiness - Part 2

Would you like to control on what side you get out of bed in the morning? The wrong or the right side?

I don't mean the discussion about which side of the bed you and your partner are sleeping on - I'm talking about the mood you wake up in.

Are you the beautiful sunshine and smile in the morning or more the rainy with a chance of depression kind of forecast?

The morning is such an important part of the day. It can make or break your day. So let's take control and decide to start your day off like you want to!

Last week we talked about how we end the day. By writing down three things that you're grateful for will make you go to bed happier, and this feeling will even hang on for a bit until you wake up. A second strategy you can apply, is to set an intention for the day.

By setting an intention for the day and writing it down, you create a sticky note in your brain that will remind you of your intention during the day.

An intention can be; I'll take my time for things today, I'm not going to take things personal today, I choose to be confident today, I won't talk myself down today. These are all examples of intentions you can tell yourself, and you only have to try it for a day. That's the beauty of this strategy.

I only ask you to do it for one day, every day. Does that make sense? Creating the awareness that you are in control of how you perceive your day, will make you feel in control. Even more so when you are aware and embrace the fact that it is your choice how you deal with things or your attitude towards daily life!

So when you have to deal with difficulties in life that day, like people, for instance, remind yourself about the intention you set yourself that day and just smile!

Please give it a go these two weeks, and let me surprise you with part three in a fortnight!

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