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What You Can learn From The Annoying Things Your Partner Does

What You Can learn From The Annoying Things Your Partner Does – And Improve Your Relationship

It doesn't matter how long you have been with your partner; there will be things that you are just not that happy with.

But how do you deal with things your partner does that annoy you?

Instead of just accepting it (but secretly still getting annoyed by it), you can actually learn from his or her behaviour. You might even thank him or her after reading this article. You might...

My partner and I are very different in various things.

He is very technical savvy. I'm more socially savvy. He can be a perfectionist I'm more, good is good enough in some cases. He can be the silent, mysterious, "I'm fine" kind of man. I go, OMG, I need to tell you about my day and all my emotions in every situation!

You can imagine, these differences can sometimes be challenging for both parties.

So are these opposites the reasons we attract? Probably not. But it can help improve our relationship.

Usually, we learn to live with and accept annoying things from our partners, but we can use it for the better.

To improve your relationship and even your personal growth, try and learn from it!

For starters, keep in mind that your partner isn't getting under your skin on purpose - I know, hard to believe sometimes. Often, the annoying behaviour says more about your own personal situation than your relationship or your partner

Ask yourself, why is this annoying me? What's causing me to react this way?

Most of the time, things that annoy you in other people are aspects of things you find annoying about yourself. Either;

  1. You have the same annoying behaviour, but you don't want to be confronted with it. Or,

  2. You lack that specific behaviour (and you would love to be more like that) but don't want to admit it.

For example, your partner is not very disciplined and doesn't see the importance of things as much as you do. This can be annoying because you might like to be less stressed about things and sometimes let things go a bit easier but don’t know how to.

Instead of whinging about our partner's behaviour, we can try to learn from it. I don’t mean give him or her a taste of their own medicine, knowing this can be soo-o tempting. I mean, try to understand and ask questions about the behaviour. Ask your partner how he or she can be relaxed about something while you find the situation very stressful. An example;

My partner will always push a bit further with everything to get it done perfectly. This sometimes annoys me because things can take ages and just too much effort. Sometimes, I just want things to be done and enjoy the rest of my day. Little things can become big projects pretty quick. Unfortunately, I can get into a mind frame that I just don't finish something because it's not quite good enough, but I don't know how to work on it anymore. I learned from my partner how to work through that and look at things I can improve instead of looking at the things I screwed up. To investigate how to fix things instead of giving up. This made us closer, and we both benefit from this. I stopped complaining and actually start listening to him (something every man dreams of), and I gained a whole new way of looking at challenges and I have had some proud moments solving my own screw-ups.

This is an example of re-thinking the annoying behaviour into something positive for yourself and your relationship.

I would love to challenge YOU to give it a go this week.

Choose one of the annoying things your partner does and turn it into something positive. This will benefit your relationship, your own personal growth, and your partner will appreciate your attitude. Win Win!

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