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To Choose Or Not To Choose

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

How many choices do you make on a day? And how much do you struggle to make these choices?

I struggled a lot with this. There are still enough things I cross swords with, but I am happy to say that decision-making is not one of them anymore!

Let's have a closer look at the paradox of decision-making. It is a paradox because not choosing is also a choice. So, when you decide something, you make a choice, and if you don't decide, you choose by not choosing...OMG, there is no escape from it!! Okay, calm down. Breathe in and breathe out. We got this. There is a way to escape this, and I will walk you through it in this blog.

We have approximately 50 thoughts per minute. Subconsciously or consciously, you decide to believe these thoughts or not. Kudos for you! You are already an expert in decision-making.

There are numerous theories about decision-making and why we struggle with it. I will highlight one of these theories that is really the core of it all.

When I say people don't like change, you probably agree with me. But when I say, you have 1000 dollars in your bank account, and I feel making that a 10.000 dollars, how is that for a change? I bet you would like that, who wouldn't!

It's not that people don't like change. The underlying reason for not feeling good about change is that we are afraid of losing things. If you choose option A, you are not getting option B. The problem of potential. Everything has potential. If you choose option A, you will lose out of the potential that comes with option B. Arnold Schwarzenegger once said (Yes, I am really quoting this guy), "People always have a plan B. But if you have a plan B, that means

you're not totally committed to plan A. This is the reason why plan A fails. Forget about plan B and fully embrace what you are doing and go for it! If it doesn't work out, you think of something else with the experiences you gain from trying succeeding in plan A."

What do we do about this fear loss and decision-making and always feel like needing a plan B?

The number one cure for fear is trust. We have to trust ourselves a bit more when it comes to choosing. Listen to your intuition and trust your gut feeling. Your brain will help you in this process. If you make a choice, your brain will find a way to be content with the decision you make. That is its natural behaviour.

A little exercise that will help you make decisions.

Sit down, and picture all your available choices. Visualize the potential of these choices. But in doing that, feel your body. Feel what it does with your gut feeling. Give yourself time doing this and trust your brain and gut feeling. There will be one option that makes you feel that slightly bit more excited.

Whatever needs to come across your path will eventually come to you when you base your choices on your intuition. The force of the universe, nature, or spirit (which one works for you) is too strong to resist. You are better off letting it guide you in your decision-making.

It was not luck or coincidence that brought me here, living in Australia. At the time, I wasn't really aware of my choices but looking back, I'm damn sure that my choices led me to this beautiful life I am living right now.

Are you struggling with a decision at this moment, and you would like chat about it? Let me know, I am here for you!

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